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wwoofing agreement

Hello and welcome to Hiyu Wine Farm. We’re glad you’ve chosen us and we look forward to working with you! A successful Wwoofing experience for both of us depends a lot on cooperation and clear expectations. Please read this agreement as it should answer many of your questions about the experiences ahead of you. If you still have questions, please let us know as we want to make sure expectations are clearly understood by all.  
About Hiyu Wine Farm Woofing:
Hiyu Wine Farm is a 27 acre permaculture inspired farm, vineyard and winery.  In addition to growing grapes and making wine, we raise pigs, cows, chickens, goats, bees, and care for a few acres of garden. Our commitment is to sharing farming knowledge and experiences in exchange for your volunteerism. Our wwoofing season will be From April-November each year. While our ideal candidates will be looking for a 2-3 month stay, please reach out to us regardless as we may be able to accommodate you.           
Town of Hood River
We are located about 10 minutes from the town of Hood River. Hood River is at the crossroads of the spectacular Columbia River Gorge and the magnificent Cascade Range. Hood River County is a scenic wonderland of natural beauty in every season. Here you’ll discover a world of year-round outdoor recreation, dramatic vistas, historic landmarks, a great local food scene, wineries, breweries—and best of all, warm, friendly people.
Hood River welcomes sports enthusiasts in all seasons. In addition to being a windsurfing mecca, Hood River offers kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding, mountain and road biking, hiking, whitewater kayaking and rafting, fishing, and world-class skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. With two ports and two boat basins, the area also serves both commercial as well as recreational boating.
Application Process:
There is a four step process to apply:
1st. Initial application. Fill out the form with your basic information and desired stay dates.
2nd. Interview. We will review your application and have some additional questions in a phone/skype interview.
3rd. Background check.
4th. Confirmation of acceptance and volunteer duration.   
Length of Stay
Your length of stay is based on the dates we agreed on when you originally filled out in your application. However, your stay depends on meeting the requirements and obligations set out below. If you are not able to meet these obligations or follow the rules of the house, you will be asked to leave earlier than the stated end date.
You, of course, may always leave early if you wish, but we ask that you give us at least a week of advance notice. Prior to your departure, we ask that you complete a checkout procedure that insures you have all your personal belongings and we have a clean and tidy place to offer the next group of Wwoofers. We believe good reviews are valuable to serious Wwoofers and we look forward to provide you with one. However, we also believe that reviews must be honest to be valued and we will include the good with the not so good aspects of your stay.  
If you wish to stay longer than the agreed upon end date, please make your interest known to us. If things are going well with your experience, scheduling allows, there is room, and we have additional work that needs to be done, then we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Description of Work
WWOOFers exchange at least 24 hours of work per week in exchange for staple food and a place to live with sleeping, cooking, bathroom and shower facilities. The work schedule will be figured out with you upon arrival. However, daily work hours will be 8am- 3pm (one hour lunch break).  Your projects will depend on the time of year. There will be daily and weekly tasks related to our livestock (feeding, watering, cleaning, etc.) as well as gardening (watering, weeding, seeding, etc). We will go over your specific daily tasks and projects at your orientation meeting.
There are animal and watering duties 7 days a week, and garden related projects 4 days a week and one day dedicated to “special projects.” If you plan to go away for a weekend please tell us in advance so we can plan accordingly.
This is a working farm with many moving pieces, machines, and activities. We want everyone who visits, volunteers, and stays with us to be safe and leave with a positive feeling of this place. Safety guidelines will be covered in orientation.
The area should be kept tidy at all times. This includes the bedrooms, living area, bathroom, kitchen and game room. Every Friday after the chores, you will be responsible for cleaning the wwoofer area. Bathroom: Toilet, Sink, Shower. Kitchen: Dishes, countertops, sweep, mop floor, Clean out Refrigerator,. General cleanup of the living area, entrance and game room. Take in recycling and garbage.
WWOOFers are responsible for maintaining their own living environment and sharing the care of community space.
Please be conservative with your electric usage.
The laundry room is located in the basement.
You are responsible for your own transportation.
There are 3 bedrooms available for wwoofers to use and rooms will be assigned.
If there is a couple wwoofing, they should be allowed to use the room with the queen bed.
If no couples, then the gentleman, should have one room and ladies should have the other.
If there is only one gender and no couples, it’s first come, first serve.
Wwoofer parking is in front of the big house.
Be careful and drive slow! We share it with many neighbors.
Recommended Personal Items to Bring
Clothing:  comfortable clothing that can get dirty and items that keep you protected from the elements. Spring and Fall can be cold and wet, so a good rain jacket and hat is important. Summer can be very hot and it's best to wear long-sleeve shirts to protect yourself from the sun.  
Sturdy,  close-toed work boots. Rubber boots are also a plus especially in the spring and fall when it can be very muddy and you have to work with animal manure.
Things We Supply:
Food Policy
Hiyu is an organic wine farm with a devotion to great food grown well. We have an open cabinet policy for wwoofers. Hiyu will provide seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats from the farm. We will also provide many staple food items for Wwoofers to use (list below).
There will always be sufficient ingredients to make yourself a healthy and delicious meal; breakfast through dinner. We will do our best to make sure all items are organic or natural. Please let us know if we are running low, or are out of any food items.
Hiyu will offer three community meals a week. These meals will most likely be a lunch on Thursday and Friday, and a dinner on Tuesday. The food will be provided for these meals.
Hiyu strongly encourages Wwoofers to cook community meal and share in the preparation and clean up. This involves setting up a schedule amongst each other. All cooking will be done in the kitchen provided in the Wwoofer house or outside.  Wwoofers pay for all of their own supplemental food and personal items.
List of Staples Provided
Rice (Brown/Jasmine)
Canned or Dried Beans
Canned Tomato
Veggie Broth
Peanut Butter
Coffee Beans
Milk - Please let us know if you prefer Soy, Coconut, or Almond in place of cow milk.
Spices Salt/ Pepper
Catsup, Mustard, Mayo
Hot Sauce
Baking Soda / Powder
*Please let us know if you have request, and we will do our best to accommodate them.
Miscellaneous Items
Special Projects
Upon arrival, you can choose to take on an elective project that interest you. We will provide a list of projects you can choose from, or you can approach us with some ideas of your own. If you don’t want to do an elective projects, then you can simply do a gardening task or help with someone else’s project. During busy times of the year, we may have to skip the special project because of time constraints.
Wwoofer Guests
If you have a guest that wants to visit, please ask. They will be your responsibility and need to follow the house rules. No overnight guests.
Working outside of the farm
If you decide to get a job outside of your Wwoofing time at the farm, you will still be responsible for your daily tasks and weekly projects. Falling below your 25 hours a week of your work requirements for more than one week is unacceptable. You will need to make other arrangements so that we can accommodate other woofers interested in working at the farm.
(303) 818-3525