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Wine Dinners in October

Wine Dinners in October

Our dinners are hosted on Friday nights during the late spring, summer and early fall. While the lunches focus on telling the story of our own wines the dinners explore the ideas, places and wines that inspire our journey. The dinners are intended to be a creative and spontaneous reflection on what we are inspired by in the moment. In some instances, we will pour our wines in interesting arrangements alongside the wines of other producers, but often we will use the events to make a study of the wines of a particular producer or region. Depending on the story we are telling the menu format can vary from formal set menu’s with many courses to rustic meals featuring shared plates. 

Tickets can be purchased by selecting the date you would like to reserve from the "drop down" menu below. Please give us a call directly at (541) 436-4680 if you have any problems reserving tickets for your preferred date. 


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