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Tzum 2020 Solais

Tzum 2020 Solais "Spring Ephemeral"

This is the most compelling release of the year. It is also certain to be the most controversial. It is a flamboyantly delicious embrace of the 2020 wildfires and connects us to the primal sensations of beauty, awe and fear that fire inspires. 

The wine can best be understood as a vinous presentation of the flavors encountered in mezcal based cocktails. The wine’s expression of smoke is in perfect harmony and balance with fruity and exotic flavors of salted rhubarb, strawberry laced with black pepper, hibiscus, candied orange peel, pink peppercorn and bitter amaro-like thistle aromas. This is an incredible wine to drink alone in the sun as summer’s heat approaches, but would be even better with barbecue or tacos, especially those involving exotic spice, chiles and fruit based garnish.      

Solais is a half acre planting on a flat and sandy plateau bounded to the south by basalt boulders and sand dunes. It’s planted to all fifteen of the allowable varieties historically planted in Chateauneuf-du-pape, but with a far greater ratio of white to red grapes than may have ever existed there. 

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