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Tzum 2020 Fionn

Tzum 2020 Fionn "Spring Ephemeral"

This is the third and most ethereal release of Zinfandel from the black sands of Scorched Earth Vineyard. It is also the first in a series of spring releases exploring the line between red wine and rosé. It is rendered in style similar to last year’s version of Solais. It is darker and more concentrated than a typical rosé, paler and more delicate than what most people have in mind when they think of red wine. It is in this ambiguous terrain that I find the most pleasure from drinking these days. The wines are perfectly suited to warmer days and the kind of food that emerges from the verdant spring garden. As the glass fills with hazy pink liquid it tastes of strawberries, grapefruit skin, peppercorn and sage. The periphery of the wine glows with a subtle meatiness not unlike finocchiona and this wine would also be an amazing companion for pizza, especially one that included charcuterie. 

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