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Fried Chicken, Southern Food          and Orange Wine.

Fried Chicken, Southern Food and Orange Wine.

The traditional southern fare of his Grandmother’s table provided Jason’s first early memories of a transporting food experience. 

I first encountered orange wine on a solo trip to Europe during winter break while working at the French Laundry. I was in a dimly lit wine bar with low, galley ceilings alongside the Rialto Bridge in Venice. The group at the table next to me generously offered to share some of the glowing orange wine that they were drinking. It turned out to be one of Josko Gravner’s early experiments fermenting wine in Clay Amphora. I had never tasted anything like it. It was primordial, untethered to any notion of what a wine should be, and refreshingly disarming. The world of wine has changed immensely in the fifteen or so years since that moment, but I still find these wines wonderfully accessible. They bypass the traditional canons of flavor in favor of something more visceral and less cerebral. They often have more in common with beer or cider and I love to serve them with meals like this that wouldn’t traditionally call for wine. 

Jason and I thought this would be a fun way to usher in the spring, explore his earliest memories of cooking and the world of natural wine. 

There are 16 seats available for each dinner.  Ticket prices include food, wine and service.



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