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2018 Albarino

2018 Albarino "Spring Ephemeral"

This is sourced from a 7 acre, organically farmed, site on the west side of Underwood Mountain. The site is five years old, dry farmed and produced less than a half ton per acre of very concentrated, small clusters, of tiny speckled berries. The spring ephemeral Albarino is macerated for about four days on the skins. The grapes are then placed in a vertical basket press and tread by foot before a long slow pressing directly to barrel. The wines ferment and age in barrel and are bottled just as the fermentation finishes to capture the maximum amount of energy and freshness. This is a very cool site where ripening any grape is challenging. Albarino is a relatively early ripening variety, but this is one of the last spots we picked in 2017. Albarino often hints at Riesling like qualities, but on this site the comparison is truly apt. Riesling itself wouldn’t be possible here, the site is actually too cold to ripen it, but it lends Albarino mind altering levels of acidity, minerality and extract. There is texture hiding here too, a pliancy from the natural handling and one would never guess that it was aged completely in new, but very lightly steamed barrels. The aromas are of salted lime, green peaches, almond and the feeling of being in the Northwest rainforest; among the rocks, orchids, oaks, waterfalls and moss. The wine is likely to be eternal, rock-like, its barely budged after being open for a day.

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