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Farm life is seasonal. The long days of the growing year are balanced by the stillness of winter and much needed time for rest and reflection. We try to make the most of this time every year, and this winter was especially productive. We’ve created a new Hiyu website around a series of China’s drawings depicting life on the farm, three new ways to experience food and wine at Hiyu and a subscription based community for friends of the farm called The Understory

Explore the new website

Friends of the Farm

We started farming as a way to experience the roots of food in agrarian life. We’re exploring how changes in the way we nurture the soil, grow plants and raise animals affects how food tastes, wine is made, cuisine is constructed and communities gather to support the growing system. We invite you to be part of this journey.

The Understory is a subscription based community for friends of the farm. There are three levels of involvement in the farm based on the zones where life emerges in the forest; the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.

Subscribers to The Understory will receive monthly offerings of wine, discounts and passes to the food and wine experiences below and a chance to be involved in our farm community on a deeper level. Your monthly support sustains our work in the fields and allows us to pursue projects that would normally be impossible for a farm of our size to undertake.

Become a friend of the farm

Eat, Drink, & Gather     

There are now four ways to gather and experience food and wine on the farm. Reservations for all of the experiences below are available now through Tock on the Hiyu web site. The Wine Tavern Experience begins next week and the rest of the meals will begin in March.   

The Wine Tavern Experience: This is inspired by traditional wine taverns  in Austria and Northern Italy. We serve a flight of our wines alongside shared plates of seasonal snacks from the farm.

The Winefarmer’s Lunch: This is an informal meal composed of three dishes served family style and accompanied by generous pours of three of our wines. Unlike meals in the past, which were multi-course meals with one communal seating, it is possible to book your own table for this experience at the time that works best for you.

Feast: For those who would like to experience Hiyu in the evenings it is now possible to book a multi-course wine dinner in the evenings. Winefarmer Nate Ready and Chef Jason Barwikowski share six wines and cook a series of dishes to accompany them.

Gatherings: Once a month we will be hosting a party or informal gathering, built around a rustic, one plate meal, and the release of new wines. The gatherings are intended to be a way for friends of the farm to gather.  Subscribers to The Understory will receive free tickets to a certain number of gatherings each year and a 50% discount on the rest. Tickets to the first three gatherings of the year are available on the website now, beginning with a traditional Irish “Feis” on St. Patricks Day to celebrate the new release of “Lunasa”.

Eat, Drink and Gather at Hiyu

We're looking forward to seeing you at the farm this spring,

Nate, China, and the Team at Hiyu Wine Farm

Nate Ready
March 7, 2017 | Nate Ready

We make wine and stuff

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Time Posted: Mar 7, 2017 at 10:19 AM