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This is a 12-acre vineyard planted in a clearing at the end of a ridge overlooking Mt. Hood, the Columbia River and the town of White Salmon, WA. The site was planted in the late 60’s to Pinot Noir (5 acres) and Gewurztraminer (7 acres).  The site’s high elevation (1600-1800 feet) means that the location was above the water level during the Missoula Floods and the soils are original volcanic clay as opposed to the translocated soils located in lower elevation sites in the Gorge. The elevation and proximity to weather patterns coming from Mt. Adams also means that this is a very cool site. It ripens 3-4 weeks later than Hiyu and the wines retain brighteness, verticality and acidity while still developing richness and texture.

There are three different fields on the site. The upper field is planted to both Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer. This part of the vineyard sets lower yields than the rest of the site and produces wines with a bit more generosity and texture. We make Pinot Noir as a red wine and a white from co-fermented Gewurztraminer and Pinot from this part of the vineyard. The middle field is planted to Gewurztraminer, tends to set a bit higher yield and the canopy retains its leaves longer allowing for later picking. We make dried grape wine and skin-fermented Gewurztraminer from this part of the vineyard. The lower field is planted to Pinot Noir. The grapes retain extraordinary freshness and acidity in this part of the site. We press these grapes directly to make two sparkling wines, one with skin contact and the other without.