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Smockshop Band


Is there a commitment for The Understory?

By joining The Understory you commit to a one-year subscription in order to experience the entire scope of our wines and your subscription benefits. Customers who cancel their subscription prior to a year will be responsible for reimbursing Hiyu for discounts received against orders placed as subscribers.

Where can we ship?

Currently we offer a winery pick-up option for locals in and around the Columbia Gorge. We are compliant and can ship to the following states: CA, IL, OR, MN, WA, CO, TX, FL, NY, DC, CT, NC, SC, MA, NH. 

What variety of wines will I receive?

Each subscription includes two shipments per year of various Smockshop Band, Tzum and Hiyu wines. Wines will be a mix of white, red, rosé and the occasional cider, sparkling or orange wine. Please reach out to us directly if you are interested in adding a magnum package to your subscription. 

Can I choose which wines I will recieve?

Wines may not be selected by the subscriber, but we encourage you to reach out to us, let us know what kind of wines you’re interested in and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

When will I receive my wine?

Those based locally can arrange to pick up their wine at one of our monthly gatherings. Those  who choose to have their wine shipped will receive two annual shipments; one before the hot summer months (April/May) and one before freezing temperature in the fall (October/November). Additional wine orders will be consolidated into your monthly shipments. 

How will I be charged?

Friends of the Farm  can choose how they would like to be charged, whether it be monthly, or yearly. For Hiyu, this payment plan serves as a constant economic resource for our farm. Animals, fields, and vine sites must be tended to from dusk to dawn, each and every day, and this reliable financial support network is critical for our growth.

Can I pick my wines up at Hiyu?

Yes! Friends of the farm are encouraged to visit. You may collect your wines during any reservation or arrange an appointment for pick-up during business hours.

How can I visit the Hiyu?

We love it when subscribers visit the farm! Please reach out by phone or email at least 24 hours in advance when making reservations for our wine tavern and 5 days notice for dinners and farm tours. 
Can I purchase additional wines?

Yes! We encourage you to buy additional wine for yourself as well as for family and friends. Understory subscribers will receive a discount on additional purchases corresponding with their subscription level. 

Will I be charged for shipping additional wine purchases?

If you consolodate the shipping of additional wine purchases in your Fall or Spring Understory shipment you will not be charged any additional shipping fees. If you choose to ship outside of the provided shipping window, standard shipping rates will apply.