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Health & Safety FAQ

We are excited to carefully open the doors back up for you under Oregon’s Phase One Reopening. We are taking every precaution to ensure that your visit is safe and comfortable by following all Oregon Health Authority Guidelines. Please read through the following so that you may better understand exactly what we’re doing to keep you and our staff safe and healthy. 

What should I expect when visiting the tasting room?
We are so excited to welcome you back to the farm! The experience may feel a little different as we are required to keep 6 ft distance when not directly serving you. 
During direct service we will not be able to speak or answer questions until we’ve gained 6 ft of distance between us. Then we will happily discuss the food and wine and answer any questions! 
In accordance with OHA guidelines we will not be presetting tables, which means we will set around our guests once a table is assigned. 
We have started using key-only entry for our restrooms so that we may ensure you enter a space that has been sanitized for your safety.
Can I visit without a reservation?
No, reservations are required for all experiences at this time. If you are trying to book a reservation outside of our 24 hour window, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Wine pick ups and bottle sales need to be scheduled ahead of time as well. Contacting us by email ensures the quickest turnaround time. 
Have you adjusted your capacity?
Yes, we've reduced our seating capacity by 75% to conform with OHA guidelines of 6 ft distance between parties. There are just three private tables for up to 6 guests available for each seating. 
Are face coverings required?
Face coverings are required for customers when entering, exiting and walking about the tasting room. They are not required when seated at your table for your tasting. We will have disposable masks to share with those who forget their own. All staff will be wearing masks at all times. 
Will you be wearing gloves during service?
Our kitchen staff will be wearing gloves while handling and preparing your food. Our service staff will only be wearing gloves while cleaning. Oregon Health Authority guidelines prohibit wearing gloves while serving food and drink to customers to avoid possible cross contamination. We will be washing our hands or using sanitizer before serving each customer food or wine and before and after clearing dishes. 
Will you be using disposable products during service?
We are choosing to avoid using disposable products whenever possible. This means we are sanitizing all glassware, dishware and utensils before we open each day for service. All linens, plates and flatware are placed directly into an airtight storage container after cleaning. We have a robust recycling program and are working on systems to make sure that all disposable products are recycled.
What cleaning protocols have you enacted?
We will be sanitizing all shared surfaces after each touch. This includes menus, tables, chairs, door handles, light switches, bathroom keys and bathroom surfaces. We will have an extra person on staff during service to help specifically with cleaning duties.
Do you offer touchless payment options?
We suggest customers create an account with us online and enter your credit card information to safely store for your visit. This will allow a touchless option while in the tasting room. Alternatively, we use an iPad and card reader to swipe your card, which we will sanitize before returning to you. We will give you the option to let us sign for you and enter a tip only if desired. 
How are you monitoring the health of your staff?
All staff has access to protected sick time and will be required to stay at home if showing signs of illness. We have thermometers on site to monitor temperatures if needed. We ask that all customers also follow this practice by contacting us to reschedule your reservation and staying home if showing signs of illness.