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The Understory is a subscription based community for Friends of the Farm. There are three levels of involvement in the farm based on the zones where life emerges in the forest; the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.  

We started farming as a way to experience the roots of food in agrarian life. We’re exploring how changes in the way we nurture the soil, grow plants and raise animals affects how food tastes, cuisine is constructed and communities gather to support the growing system. We invite you to be part of this journey.

As a Friend of the Farm there are three ways you engage with farm life.

Support our inquiry in the field: Your financial support allows us to pursue projects that would otherwise be impossible for a small farm to undertake. You will be informed and involved as we chart new paths for the relationship between food, wine, farming and community.

Make a place for our wines in your home: Each year we make over fifty different wines, from more than one hundred grape varieties, each grown on a distinct parcel within the remarkable eco-diversity of the Columbia Gorge. Every month we will release a selection of bottles to friends of the farm that offer an experience of our world through the lens of wine.      

Join us for gatherings at the farm: When we gather, the energy generated goes back into the land and life of this place. By joining us at the table, you help us realize the potential for community and conviviality latent in the soil and complete the cycle of life on the farm.  




1 bottle/month

15% off additional wine purchases

Four complimentary tastings per year

Four complimentary tickets to Gatherings each year




2 bottles/month

20% off additional wine purchases

Six complimentary  tastings per year

Six complimentary tickets to Gatherings each year




4 bottles/month

25% off additional wine purchases

Eight complimentary tastings per year

Eight complimentary tickets to Gatherings each year


*All levels of The Understory require a one-year commitment. 

*See which states we ship to here

All Friends of the Farm enjoy:

FedEx/UPS ground shipping included

10% off additional tastings, wine farmer's lunches, feasts, & special dinners

50% off additional Gathering tickets

One complimentary farm tour per year for up to 8 guests

Exclusive subscribers-only access to purchase wines on our webstore

First access to collaboration dinners & special events



*Friends of the Farm FAQs here