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Life at Hiyu is expressed by the following equation:

Culture(1) Soil life + Plants + Animals + People = Culture(2) People experiencing Food and Wine 

We live on a farm with plants, animals and all the beneficial creatures that inhabit the soil. From this culture, supported by a network of local growers, we cook food and make wine. We’ve built a place where you can gather at the table and experience life on our farm.  


Tastings and Meals

Wine Tavern: Four wines for $35 or Six wines for $50

Reservations Only:
Thursday - Monday 11am - 4pm

Walk-ins welcome from 2-5pm only on Saturday & Sunday from March through November

The taverns of the European countryside inspire this experience. We serve a flight of our wines with shared plates of seasonal snacks from the farm. 

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Winefarmer's Lunch: $85/person

Saturday & Sunday 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM, March-November, Reservation Only
This is an informal meal composed of a series of dishes served family style and accompanied by generous pours of our wines.

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Feast: $200/person

Thursday-Monday 6 PM, Year Round, Reservation Only
Six person minimum 

This is the most magical way to experience what we create on the farm and the most thoughtful introduction to our wines. The feast is an intimate, private dinner, with Winefarmer Nate Ready and Chef Jason Barwikowski. Nate and Jason will share multiple wines and cook a series of dishes to accompany them. 

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Wine Farm Tour: $50/groups 2-12

Walk Hiyu Wine Farm to better understand our biodiversity and way of life. This is a 30-45 minute walking tour of the vineyards & farm property. Expect to see our animals, gardens, and vineyards. Please dress appropriately for inclement weather and consider proper footwear for potential muddy fields.

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Gatherings and Dinners

Several times a month we host a collaboative dinner party or informal gathering. The gatherings are built around a rustic one plate meal and the release of new wines while the collaborative dinners tend to be more elaborate in their presentation. These events are intended to be a way for friends of the farm to come together. 


Mushrooms and Microbes $125/person

Sunday, July 21st, 2019 6 PM

This supper is focused on the path connecting fungal and microbial life in the soil to our work in the kitchen, cellar and from there to its transformation as cultural life at the table. We’re inviting a group of farmers, viticulturists, winemakers and mycologists to host a discussion of these networks during an informal tasting prior to the meal. Jason will be serving mushrooms we preserved from the late spring foraging season in the High Cascades and other dishes enhanced by fermentation based food from our Garden.

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Eat and Drink Like a Scythian $185/person

Saturday, July 27th, 2019 6 PM

We’re throwing a party on Orcas island! The event is a celebration, discussion and exploration of nomadic food, wine and music. The Scythians were tribes of nomadic warrior-archers living during the time of Herodotus. Over time they became a conceptual symbol for nomadism, inspiring philosophers like Deleuze and Guattari and our own understanding of food and wine. By nomadic, we mean wine that isn’t settled, territorialized or tied down by the conventions or boundaries of a place. Instead, it is set free and made borderless by the creative spirit of wandering and exploration. Mount Eerie will be playing music, Jay Blackinton and friends will be cooking dinner with food sourced on the island and Abe Schoener, Rajat Parr, Nate Ready and Christina Rasmussen will be pouring an extraordinary group of wines that express the deterritorialized spirit of the Scythians.   

The event is at Hogstone Wood Oven on Orcas Island. It will run from 6pm until late into the night.

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